The Programme Delivery Board (PDB) oversees overall delivery of the strategic objectives of ADR UK, including the development of an effective partnership. The PDB will provide programme assurance to the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) through its oversight of the strategic development of ADR UK, scrutiny of its plans and milestones, and monitoring of its delivery performance.

Members of the PDB include Alison Park, ESRC; Andrew Morris, HDR UK; Anna Vignoles, University of Cambridge; Dan Hodges, UKRI; Ed Humpherson, UK Stats Authority; Ellen Flint, DWP; Emma Gordon, Director of the ADR UK Strategic Hub; Jennifer Rubin (Chair), ESRC Executive Chair; Kevin Fletcher, HMRC; Neil Viner, EPSRC Leadership Team; Sarah Henry, ONS. 

The Leadership Committee (LC) brings together the accountable leads from ADR UK’s partners to develop and agree the strategic direction of ADR UK, and to develop the policies necessary for successful delivery. It is responsible for approving the evidence collected by the Operational Management Group (OMG) to support self-assessment across the partnership.

Members of the LC include Chris Dibben, University of Edinburgh; David Ford, Swansea University; Dermot O'Reilly, Queen's University Belfast; Emma Gordon, ADR UK; Glyn Jones, Welsh Government; Liz Mckeown, ONS; Paul Jackson, ADR UK; Pete Stokes, ONS; Roger Halliday, Scottish Government; Sarah Henry, ONS; Siobhan Carey, NISRA.

The Operational Management Group (OMG) is the forum for monitoring and reporting of all operational matters of ADR UK. It will also take actions arising from the ADR UK Performance Management Framework, and will be responsible for gathering evidence to support self-assessment across the partnership.

The OMG and the LC are two groups with a common goal, but different responsibilities. The OMG acts under instruction from the LC to provide solutions and assurances, in particular with respect to the operational implications of the policies and strategies discussed and decided there, and at other governance boards.

The Research Commissioning Board (RCB) acts as a commissioning panel for new research and data linkage projects funded via ADR UK’s Strategic Hub Fund. The RCB is responsible for reviewing research proposals to ensure that they represent good science and good value for money. The RCB also helps to identify new opportunities for research and innovation, champion administrative data as a research resource, and support and scrutinise the work of the Strategic Hub. Members of the RCB are all external to ADR UK and come from a variety of organisations.

Members of the RCB include Lorraine Dearden, Institute for Fiscal Studies; Tricia Dodd, freelance statistical consultant; Gavin Freeguard, Institute for Government; Ruth Gilbert, University College London; Jen Gold, Cabinet Office; Alissa Goodman, University College London; Katie Harron, University College London; Douglas Rendle, Bank of England; and Anna Vignoles, University of Cambridge.

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