ADR England

The geographic scope of ADR England projects varies depending on the data holder, but is typically England-only, England and Wales, Great Britain or UK-wide. ADR England also provides a home for projects analysing data within or across English regions and local authorities. 

The partners

Research partners delivering projects within the ADR England portfolio include UCL, the University of the West of England, Institute for Fiscal Studies, University of Leeds, and more. Data holders include the Ministry of Justice, Department for Education, NHS England, Department for Work and Pensions, and more. 

Data for ADR England projects is mostly accessed by accredited researchers via the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Secure Research Service. With the roll out of remote data access infrastructure including the SafePod Network and approved, secure connections (Assured Organisational Connectivity), ADR England researchers can be based throughout England and the rest of the UK. 

ADR England formalises the model of working with UK Government departments and public bodies successfully developed during the ADR UK pilot phase (2018-21) and is being delivered as part of the current phase of the ADR UK programme alongside the established ADR Wales, ADR Scotland, and ADR Northern Ireland. 

The ADR England portfolio is commissioned and manged by the ADR UK Strategic Hub team embedded within ADR UK’s funder, the Economic and Social Research Council. Projects are commissioned in line with the ADR England Strategy, which prioritises research for public good that cuts across traditional policy boundaries. Delivery of the ADR England strategy is coordinated partly by a joint implementation group composed of members of the ADR UK Strategic Hub and the ONS.  

The Strategy

The ADR England Strategy 2021 – 2026 sets out how we will work with our partners across our portfolio of data linkage and research projects to deliver impact over this investment period. 

Visit the ADR England Strategy

How is it funded?

ADR England projects currently total over £10 million of investment. They are supporting a range of activities from new data linkages, research using linked data, and training and capacity building.  To find out more about how ADR UK is funded, see About Us. Further details of individual ADR England project grants can be found on UK Research and Innovation’s Gateway to Research platform. 

Working with ADR England

Current areas of focus to deliver the ADR England Strategy include: 

  1. Driving up the use of the ADR England flagship datasets available to accredited researchers. The ADR England Datasets brochure features each of these datasets. You can also explore all the data available via our ADR UK Data Catalogue.  

  2. Developing documentation, tools, resources and training courses to support researchers and analysts in their use of ADR England flagship datasets. Plans in England are aligned with the ADR UK Training and Capacity Building Strategy.  

  3. Funding a growing cohort of researchers using ADR England flagship datasets including ADR UK Research Fellows, PhD studentships and linkage projects which include early-pathway research. Funding opportunities are promoted on the funding opportunities page or you can sign up for updates.  

  4. Funding data linkage projects to link government departments’ administrative data. These will create or develop new linked administrative datasets which will become available to accredited researchers for public good research. Most recently these include the recipients of the research-ready data and access grants.  

“Thanks to our partnerships with a multitude of government and academic partners, ADR England is really coming to life. We are now promoting more linked administrative data for research than ever before and this collection of research-ready data will just continue to grow.  Our focus now is to help researchers discover and unlock the potential of our flagship data for England.” 

Karen Powell, Head of Research Strategy and Commissioning for ADR England

ADR England flagship datasets

ADR England flagship datasets are nationally important data linkages which can help address big societal issues. They are accessible to accredited researchers and supported by documentation.  

Explore the datasets available