Fiona James

Chief Data Officer and Director, Data Growth and Operations, ONS

Fiona James

Fiona is Chief Data Officer and Director of Data Growth and Operations at the Office for National Statistics. She is an experienced digital, data, technology and policy expert with a deep understanding of the delivery challenges faced by public sector organisations.

She has a track record in leadership through complexity, projects and people in both a policy and service delivery context.

Fiona joined the Civil Service in 2006 as a generalist Fast Streamer at the Department for Transport, where she held policy, strategy and operational roles across aviation, roads and maritime.

She spent four years working on exiting the European Union, leading transport and digital, data and technology readiness at the Cabinet Office, before moving to the Crown Prosecution Service as a digital technology leader, helping to transform criminal justice during the pandemic.

"If we harness public trust in data and combine it with the rapid expansion of new data sources, timely and accurate linked data is a powerhouse of statistics and insight. The potential impact to society is massive. Not only will it help us find answers to questions we don’t already know, but it will also help us ask the right questions to understand dependencies across employment, crime, health, and climate change.

"Access to government data is crucial. ADR UK’s infrastructure of organisations and researchers enable greater insight and help create a more mutually beneficial relationship with the public and their data. Researchers and the public get a more personalised experience and in turn, that data is used for the greater good, like so many of the ADR UK-led linked data projects can already demonstrate."