George Leckie

Professor of Social Statistics

George Leckie

George Leckie is Professor of Social Statistics and Co-Director of the Centre for Multilevel Modelling at the School of Education, University of Bristol.

His interests are in the development, application, and dissemination of multilevel and related statistical models to analyse educational and other administrative and survey data. His substantive interests focus on design, analysis, and communication issues surrounding school performance measures and league tables, especially the use of value-added models for estimating school effects on student achievement for accountability and choice purposes.

George is currently principal investigator on an ESRC secondary data analysis initiative grant looking at the 2020 GCSE and A-level 'exam grades fiasco' using the GRADE Ofqual-DfE-UCAS linked administrative data held on the ONS SRS. Previously he was principal investigator on two ESRC grants analysing the DfE National Pupil Database and Co-I on various ESRC and MRC grants.

"Administrative data research has the power to identify, understand, track, and tackle complex and changing individual inequalities in society across education, social services, health, and justice and to do so in finer geographical detail and with greater ability to focus on at-risk and marginalised groups than ever before.

Administrative data research can also be used to critique and improve the way institutions operate with respect to these inequalities and to evaluate and challenge Government and national and regional polices aimed at tackling them.

The increasingly linked and longitudinal nature of administrative data also has the potential to open new research avenues, providing new insights and knowledge into the causes and consequences of individual outcomes, and to suggest new policies to improve them and ultimately society."