Paul Jackson

Data Approvals Transformation Lead, Research Data Scotland

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson left HM Courts and Tribunals Service where he was Head of Data Access to join Research Data Scotland in October 2023. Paul is now working to transform research approvals for projects in Scotland.

“Every public service creates data which, when used in the right way, can improve their services and lead to better lives for citizens. ADR UK ensures that when those data are used for research there is respect for the data subjects and positive support for stakeholders.

“The framework of the Digital Economy Act, ADR UK investment in infrastructure and targeted pathfinder projects, accredited data centres in each UK nation, structured public engagement, and a focus on serving the public good, ensures every pubic sector organisation has the opportunity to improve their public services and to improve lives.

In Scotland, we have all these benefits plus established Safe Havens ready to curate and provide access to linked datasets combining social, economic, environmental, and health information.”