Stan Gilmour

Director, Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit

stan gilmour headshot

Stan Gilmour has been a police officer for nearly three decades, and in that time has been in senior leadership roles in high-risk areas of business from counter-terrorism, organised crime, homicide, and public protection, through to neighbourhood policing. He is now Director of the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).

Thames Valley VRU bring together people and organisations from all systems that can influence reductions in serious violence in our communities, and follows a public health methodology for prevention and early intervention. Central to the leadership and strategic direction that Stan brings to the role is his focus on data and information to describe the risk landscape and identify areas for collaboration across sectors. To enable this, Stan directs the Thames Valley Together common data programme, which seeks to link data for research and resource decision-making from a range of social-public-private sources in a safe, secure, and ethical way. 

“If we are to tackle serious violence through addressing its root causes by taking a public health approach, we need a robust understanding and insight into the complex risk factors which exist. We need to be working across multi-agency organisational boundaries and our activity has to be built upon evidence and data-led approaches, but with public confidence. 

“It is in this context that I am proud to be part of the wider ADR UK network and represent its mission as an Ambassador, for the police service and for the wider partners represented by the Violence Reduction Unit. 

“We have to further develop our ability to deliver accurate insight, continue to commission high quality research and to use data in a way that enhances public value and promotes the use of data for public good. Ultimately, our use of data can help keep our communities safe.”