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1. Introduction to ADR UK

A brief introduction to administrative data, data linkage, and the ADR UK partnership including its network of trusted research environments. This will include an overview of ADR UK linked datasets, their related resources, and the funding ADR UK is making available to support their use. 

2. Accessing data in secure environments 

An overview of the Digital Economy Act 2017 (DEA) to explain the act’s purpose and the opportunities it presents for researchers to use de-identified administrative data. This session will also introduce the DEA Code of Practice, and how to access data through DEA-accredited trusted research environments. 

3. Researcher case studies 

A presentation from a researcher to illustrate the research potential of our available data. You may choose:  

  • a case study from a researcher currently using an ADR UK linked administrative dataset   

  • a case study from a researcher currently using smart data either through existing data services or within the wider landscape. 

4. An introduction to ADR UK flagship data

Choose an overview of all our flagship datasets; a session on the datasets relevant to one of the ADR UK strategic themes; or an in-depth introduction to a specific dataset. ADR UK flagship datasets are of significant research value and we anticipate will have wide appeal to researchers. ADR UK themes are:  

  • Children & Young People  
  • Climate & Sustainability  
  • Crime & Justice  
  • Health & Wellbeing  
  • Housing & Communities  
  • Inequality & Social Inclusion  
  • World of Work 

5. An introduction to the ADR UK Learning Hub 

An in depth look at ADR UK’s Learning Hub and the training and resources available to help researchers of different levels of experience. 

6. Smart Data Research UK  

A brief introduction to Smart Data Research UK data including: 

  • the challenges and opportunities for researchers using smart data for research 

  • Smart Data Research UK’s strategic aims and objectives, thematic areas of interest and programme structure.  

This session will also include an overview of their current data services: the Consumer Data Research Centre and Urban Big Data Centre, their datasets and related resources, and the funding available to support their use. 

Information will be included about future opportunities to work with and be supported by Smart Data Research UK. 

7. ESRC Data Infrastructure Programme  

An introduction to the ESRC Data Infrastructure Programme including an overview of: 

  • the longitudinal and cross-section surveys funded by ESRC 

  • the data support services which enable researchers to access and analyse this and other data. 

The session will also cover the ESRC Data Infrastructure Strategy, the ESRC Research Data Policy and the ongoing strategic activities to develop ESRC’s data infrastructure portfolio.