Session Speaker Time
Welcome and outline of the ADR UK partnership vision. What we can achieve together over the next five years. Dr Emma Gordon, Director ADR UK 10.00 – 10.10
Partnership programme plans. Key priorities of partnerships over the next five years. Dermot O’Reilly, Director, ADRC-NI and Dr Tracy Power, Director of Analysis, NISRA. Stephanie Howarth, Co-director, ADR Wales. Professor Chris Dibben, Co-director, ADR Scotland and David Grzybowski, ADR Scotland Data Acquisition Team Leader, Scottish Government. Bill South, Acting Deputy Director, Research Services and Data Access Division, ONS. 10.10 – 10.30
Keynote speaker:Exploring changing government perceptions of data and how it can be used for public good. Dr Jen Gold, Director of Research, ESRC, with questions chaired by Dr Emma Gordon 10.30 – 11.00
Comfort break - 11.00 -11.10
Track 1: Breakout sessions Data acquisition, ADR Scotland, Cross-UK research, ADR Wales, Integrating impact into the research journey, ONS & ADR Wales. 11.10 – 11.50
Track 2: Breakout sessions and networking Data acquisition, ADR Scotland, Cross-UK research, ADR Wales, Integrating impact into the research journey, ONS & ADR Wales. Short networking sessions in small groups will be assigned via Teams. These will flow directly from breakout sessions. 11.50 – 12.50
Lunch break - 12.50 – 13.40
Track 3: Breakout sessions and networking ADR UK/ONS dataset visibility and value, ONS and ADR Wales, Running open calls for research funding, ADR UK Strategic Hub, Creating research ready datasets, ADR Northern Ireland. Short networking sessions in small groups will be assigned via Teams. These will flow directly from breakout sessions. 13.40 – 14.30
Panel discussion: Reflecting on the impact our partnership is having on society and the economy. Nick O’Donnell, Head of Integrated Data Service/SRS Impact, Insight and Engagement, ONS. Harriet Barker, Impact and Knowledge Exchange Manager, Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research. Deborah Lyness, Head of Demographic Statistics Branch, NISRA. Kathryn Helliwell, Head of Administrative Data Research Unit, Wales - chaired by Dr Emma Gordon. 14.30 – 14.50
Closing Dr Emma Gordon, Director ADR UK 14.50 – 15.00

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions will be delivered by colleagues from across the partnership on a variety of topics. Read the abstracts to decide which breakout sessions you would prefer to attend. 

Data acquisition, ADR Scotland

ADR Scotland will discuss processes and experiences of acquiring data from multiple, different agencies within the public sector. This session will discuss the opportunities, challenges and learnings from data acquisition and what has been done to bring these learnings into everyday processes. (Presenter: Cecelia Macintyre)

Cross-UK research, ADR Wales

Following the success of the UK-wide AD|ARC project, the ADR Wales Priority Project Development Team (PPDT) will lead a session on:

  • Some of the lessons learned from AD|ARC​ about how to create a successful cross-UK collaboration
  • How the PPDT are working as a new team to support the development of new projects in Wales
  • How we can work with UK partners to extend project ideas across the UK and work more collaboratively as ADR UK
  • We will also mention some projects with cross-UK potential that are currently under development

In this session, we want to share our experiences ​but also ​hear from colleagues across the UK about what more we can all do to collaborate across the network and create the shared ‘space’ to incubate ideas. (Presenters: Sarah Lowe, Sian Morrison-Rees & Nicholas Webster.)

Integrating impact into the research journey, ADR NI, ADR Wales and ONS

In this session, you will hear from the Impact and Engagement leads from ONS, ADR Wales and ADRC NI. Short presentations from each member will cover existing and planned impact tracking, including use of automation for efficiency, engagement with the research community, and supporting researchers for greater research outcomes and impact.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion on how we can better plan and integrate impact into the research journey. This will include questions on formulating an impactful research project and what has worked well when communicating the impact of research. (Presenters: James Spurr, Cathrine Richards & Elizabeth Nelson.)

Creating research ready data assets, ADR NI

The Northern Ireland Earnings and Employees Study (EES) 2011 links together variables from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) 2011 with aggregated variables from the Census of Population and Housing 2011, and Capital Value data from the Land and Property Service. It is the first in a series of research ready datasets created in the ADR NI. This presentation will focus on the linkage methodology, the rationale for and innovative use of donor records imputation, and the quality assurance of the linked dataset. 

There will be opportunities for participants to discuss the lessons learned from this and other projects to feed into the future development of new research ready datasets. (Presenters: Orla Bateson, Amy Dunlop & Nichola McCullough)

Running open calls for research funding, ADR UK Strategic Hub

The Strategic Hub will share their experiences of running funding calls for research projects that access data through the SRS. The session will explore lessons learned from facilitating data access requests and funding requests simultaneously, using mixed expertise within funding panels, and navigating approvals with government stakeholders. Discussion will be encouraged across the partnership on our approaches to running funding calls which are user friendly and fit for purpose. (Presenters: Catriona Taylor, Karen Powell & Bogusia Wojciechowska.)

ADR UK/ONS Data visibility and value, ONS & ADR Wales

In this breakout session, we will look at the different ways we are planning to inform users about the data available for research, what it can offer, and how it has been used. There will be short presentations on data catalogues, enhanced user guides (such as Data Explained) and forthcoming data quality reports, as well as how ADR and its trusted research environments can promote data. Promoting of data can take place through presentations, videos, and use of case studies to show how data has been used, The presentations will be followed up by some brainstorming around what works well and what might be missing. (Presenters: Louise Corti & Simon Thompson.)

Sign up for breakout sessions (now closed)

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