Flagship datasets

ADR UK flagship datasets are of significant research value and we anticipate will have wide appeal to researchers. This is integral to our mission to enable research that has the potential to lead to better informed policy decisions and more effective public services. 

The flagship datasets are findable in the ADR UK Data Catalogue and available for all accredited researchers to apply to access via one of ADR UK’s trusted research environments. They have approved legal gateways for research and are publicly documented.  


Looked After Children Longitudinal Dataset - Scotland

This dataset brings together data of care placements and the legal basis for children being in the care of local authorities across Scotland. This allows understanding of changes in the patterns of care over time and geography, and the relationship with children’s characteristics including ethnicity, disability, and religion.

Nursing and Midwifery Council Register linked to Census 2021 - England and Wales

This dataset brings together the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)’s UK-wide register with the Census 2021 for England and Wales. The dataset enables cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis from the register of nurses, associate nurses, and midwives. This data comprises information provided by nurses, nursing associates, and midwives when they first join the register, and then every three years when they revalidate to maintain their registration.