Internships and placements

Experiential learning comes in many types and forms, and can range from a few days to a few months, or even years. ADR UK is working to create a repository of placement, internship, and fellowship opportunities relevant to the ever-expanding community of administrative data users and researchers. 

Please note that we expect to update this webpage as and when new opportunities arise. Those looking for opportunities are advised to sign up to our regular newsletter for new postings.

Working with ADR UK

If you would like to work with ADR UK to provide an opportunity or have any questions, please get in touch:

Posting on our website is free! The information we will need to post your opportunity will be:

  • Organisation
  • What type of opportunity is this?
  • Duration 
  • Desired start date
  • Opportunity topic (e.g. Education, Health)
  • Who is this opportunity suitable for?
  • Compensation
  • How to apply - including any relevant information on what the application process involves.

Placement opportunities for PhD students

Undertaking a high-quality placement in academia, policy, business or civil society organisations will give you the opportunity to develop transferable skills and apply your research skills in different contexts.   

Below are some examples of PhD placement opportunities you may consider as part of your PhD programme. Please contact the organisations listed below directly with any questions you may have. 

All ADR UK-funded PhD students have funding provided for a maximum three-month placement. Further guidance on placements can be found in the ESRC Postgraduate Training and Development Guidelines 2022

Do you have a placement opportunity that you think would be suitable for ESRC-funded PhD students? 

1. Read the ESRC Placement Guidance Document carefully to understand our requirements. 

Note: Placements must comprise a clear programme of activity or project which will develop the students’ transferrable skills and ability to apply their research skills in different contexts. Placements should not be used as a substitute for temporary staff or to cover business as usual within a host organisation. Placements should focus on a discreet project, challenge or research question which will enable students to build on the skills being acquired through their doctoral studies. 

2. Complete and return the Placement Opportunity Template to  

3. ADR UK will review the form and be in touch if we have any questions. If suitable, we will post your opportunity on our internships and placements page. We typically allow a minimum of 3 weeks for a placement to be advertised - but the longer the notice, the better! 

4. Students will directly apply to you (using the contact information you provide in the template).

Note: Student applications must be accompanied by a completed Placement funding permission form. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their supervisor and Doctoral Training Partnership have approved their application prior to submission. 

5. Notify us once you have successfully filled your placement post.  

Are you an ESRC-funded PhD student interested in applying to a placement opportunity advertised on our website? 

1. Complete a Placement funding permission form. This form must be completed and approved by (1) your primary supervisor, and (2) your DTP contact. 

2. Submit a completed application package directly to the host organisation according to the requirements set out under “how to apply” section of the post. Include your completed permission form (from 1 above) as part of your application package. 

UKRI: Developing people and skills

Whether you’re just starting out or a more established researcher looking to take the next step, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has a number of opportunities to support you to develop a career in research, including studentships, doctoral training and fellowships. Visit Developing people and skills – UKRI to find out more.