This noticeboard is intended to support PhD students using administrative data. Here you will find information about relevant upcoming events, training resources, and placement opportunities. Information that is specific to the 2023 ADR UK PhD cohort is clearly labelled and flagged with an icon.

Check back with this page regularly for information and updates. We’d love to hear your feedback using the ‘help us improve’ button at the end of the page. You can also email your questions directly to us at

Update on the transition to the Integrated Data Service

The Integrated Data Service (IDS) is replacing the ONS Secure Research Service (SRS) as the new, ONS DEA-accredited cloud-based trusted research environment:  

The ONS has shared an update to the timeline for the transition to the IDS. The ONS SRS front door will no longer close in September 2024, and the service will continue to accept new project applications beyond this point.

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Networking and events

ADR UK is committed to supporting researchers to unlock the potential of administrative data. We encourage all students to get involved in any events, training or opportunities relevant to your areas of interest. You can find a list of opportunities on our events page.

  • 6 June 2024: Online drop-in session for PhD students using administrative data. ADR UK invites you to join us for a free online drop-in session between 14:00-16:00. You will have the opportunity to meet representatives from various government departments working closely with ADR UK to create opportunities for research to help inform important policy decisions. The session will also include representatives from ADR UK-funded trusted research environments through which approved researchers can access de-identified administrative data. To express interest in attending, please complete our registration form by 28 May. For any inquiries, please contact  

ADR UK PhD studentship induction events

ADR UK is delighted to be supporting a cohort of 22 PhD students using our flagship datasets. The following events have been designed to support this cohort of students:

Past events

  • 10-11 January 2024: In-person induction for the full cohort at University of Cambridge
  • 17 October 2023: Student induction (online)

Methodological Special Interest Group: Analytical methods for administrative data research 

This group is a forum for discussion, networking and dissemination of methodological insight on administrative data. A programme of activities will be developed based on emerging needs. This group is run by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and is open to all PhD students using administrative data for research.

Learn more about how these groups work: NCRM Engagement | Methodological Special Interest Groups 

  • Autumn 2024: ADR UK in collaboration with the NCRM, will be hosting a hackathon. This will be open to all PhD students using admin data. Watch this space for further details!  

Resources & training 

Administrative data research can be complex (though rewarding)! Luckily there is an ever-growing range of resources and training available to you. 

The section Skills and resources to use administrative data on the ADR UK Learning Hub supports individuals to build confidence in using administrative data for research. It breaks more complex aspects down into engaging modules like bias, code, and public engagement. 

There is also a range of other places to find the support you need:

Getting started with admin data

In this section of the Learning Hub, you can find descriptions of introductory training and resources.

ADR UK-supported courses

Courses and events supported by ADR UK are advertised on the events page.  

ADR UK Flagship Datasets

Resources specific to ADR UK Flagship Datasets can be found on the relevant flagship dataset page. 

PhD data access handbook

Check out the data access handbook for concise information on applying for data through different trusted research environments. 

Dataset access checklists

For step-by-step guides on how to access our flagship datasets see the dataset-specific access checklists. 

Placement opportunities

Undertaking a high-quality placement in academia, policy, business or civil society organisations will give you the opportunity to develop transferable skills and apply your research skills in different contexts.   

Our internships and placements page contains examples of PhD placement opportunities you may consider as part of your PhD programme. Please contact the organisations listed directly with any questions you may have. 

View internships and placements

All ADR UK-funded PhD students have funding provided for a maximum three-month placement. Further guidance on placements can be found in the ESRC Postgraduate Training and Development Guidelines 2022

Important information for ADR UK-funded PhD studentships

ADR UK wants to ensure you have the support you need throughout your studentship. We have a strong relationship with a number of data owners and data processors and are keen to realise our mission of transforming the way researchers access the UK’s wealth of public sector data. 

For information on who to contact for enquiries related to data owners, trusted research environments, and Doctoral Training Partnerships, refer to the PhD Reference Contact Sheet

Keep track of quarterly reporting  

As an ADR UK-funded PhD student, we will be in touch to arrange a virtual check-in within the first six months of your studentship. This meeting should include your primary supervisor. 

Throughout your studentship, you are also required to submit progress check-in reports on a quarterly basis using the ADR UK reporting template. These reports should be reviewed and signed off by your primary supervisor. Electronic signatures are acceptable.  

Submit your reports to with the subject line:  

ADR UK PHD STUDENTSHIPS QUARTERLY CHECKIN - DTP name - Student surname - Reporting Period.

Don’t forget to copy in your supervisor and DTP Director. 

Important dates in 2024

  • 31 January 2024: QHR #1 due 

  • 30 April 2024: QHR #2 due 

  • 31 July 2024: QHR #3 due 

  • 31 October 2024: QHR #4 due 

Confirm you have data access 

Within the first year of your PhD, please submit confirmation that you have been given permission to use all necessary datasets for your project. This can be from the UK Statistics Authority Research Accreditation Panel, or similar if accessing data via the ADR UK trusted research environments in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

Please e-mail your confirmed data access status to with the subject line: 


If for whatever reason, you are not able to confirm proof of your access to all the required datasets within the first year of your programme, please provide as much information as possible. This should include details of approvals that are still pending, implications on the delivery and timings of the projects and potential contingency plans.  

Deposit your code in the secure environment 

Don’t forget an essential component of your ADR UK funding is that any statistical code and enhanced user documentation or guides generated by your work must be made available through one of the ADR UK-funded trusted research environments:  

Know your supervisory team 

In accordance with the Quality Assurance Agency Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Programmes, all students must have a supervisory team – which means that single supervisor arrangements are not permissible. If you don’t know who the members of your supervisory team are, please contact your primary supervisor. 

Also, in order to support you, at least one member of your supervisory team must be an accredited researcher. Get in touch if you or your supervisor(s) have any questions about this process.  

Finally, please let us know ASAP if there is ever a change to your supervisory team. 

Acknowledge ADR UK as your funder 

As an ADR UK-funded student, you and your supervisory teams are expected to: 

  • display the ESRC and ADR UK logos on all publications and materials (including reports, presentations, websites, and stationery). 
  • acknowledge ADR UK’s support in any publication, presentation, and media coverage. The recommended acknowledgement is:  

This work [was/is] supported by ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK), an Economic and Social Research Council investment (part of UK Research and Innovation). 

  • provide ADR UK with advance notice and sight of all public communications and press releases and to notify ADR UK of publicity or coverage in the media.  
  • use an appropriate dataset citation in all published research, referencing the relevant digital object identifier (DOI) where one exists. The recommended citation format is:  

[Data controller], released [Release date format XX Month 20XX], ONS website, dataset, dataset name [dataset landing page URL link embedded]. DOI: [DOI]  

Refer to the ADR UK brand toolkit for further guidance on using the ADR UK brand in your outputs.