ADR UK Research Fellows: Insights from criminal justice data - ONS Research Excellence Series 2023

25/01/2023 - 25/01/2023

This event is part of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Research Excellence Series 2023, and will take place online. Register for your free place.

Three researchers will discuss and share insights from their projects, which cover a wide range of topics across the criminal justice system and beyond. There will also be time for audience questions.

Dr Angela Sorsby’s research aims to increase understanding of differences in sentencing among ethnic groups within the criminal justice system, and whether any disparities are the same or different for men and women.

Find out more about Dr Angela Sorsby’s project.

Dr Tim McSweeney’s research focuses on understanding the nature and extent of serious and organised crime cases heard before the Crown Courts in England and Wales.

Find out more about Dr Tim McSweeney’s project.

Angela and Tim are part of a fellowship cohort using the MoJ Data First magistrates’ and Crown Courts linked datasets.

Dr Katie Hunter’s research aims to increase understanding of how care experience and ethnicity interact with justice system involvement in England.

Find out more about Dr Katie Hunter’s project.

Katie is using the Ministry of Justice – Department for Education linked dataset, which enables understanding of links between childhood characteristics, educational outcomes and offending.

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The ONS Research Excellence Series is set up and by the ONS Secure Research Service Engagement Team to provide ONS colleagues and members of the research community with a greater understanding of how ONS data is being used to make a real difference.

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