An introduction to the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings - 2011 Census linked dataset


Presenter: Lucy Stokes

Level: Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)

Contact: Sandra Gogacz, University of Manchester,

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The course covers:

  • An overview of the ASHE-2011 Census dataset, including reasons for using the data, the contents of the dataset, and information about its construction.
  • A case study example using the linked dataset.
  • Hands-on examples using a synthetic, simplified version of the linked data.
  • Information on practical aspects such as how to apply for access to the data.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the content of the ASHE-2011 Census dataset and how this may be useful for research and analysis.
  • Have a more detailed understanding of how to use the dataset and important factors to bear in mind for analysis, such as the use of weights.
  • Gained practical experience in working with a synthetic, simplified version of the data.
  • Understand the practicalities of accessing and working with the ASHE-2011 Census dataset.

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