When: 17 October 2019, 10:00-16:00

Where: Central Hall Wesminster, London

This year's event will celebrate the use of research data to deliver public benefit and explore innovative use of secure research data. Attendees will hear from guest speakers Timandra Harnkness and Ashwin Kumar, with an afternoon panel discussion focussing on data innovation for policy-relevant research.

Guests also have the opportunity to take part in one of three diverse breakout sessions, each providing an opportunity to participate in an informal engaging conversation with peers over refreshments:

Session 1 - World of Work 
Over the average person’s lifetime in the UK, 84,000 hours will be spent at work. ONS is supporting ADR UK to link administrative data to better understand this aspect of our lives. This can provide a window into the day-to-day reality of many and shed light on the dynamics that influence economic forces, such as the job market. Research in this strand is currently focusing on wage progression in order to understand salary and pay patterns across the country. Wage progression dynamics is high on policymakers’ agendas, with research requested from each government department on work progression and disparities in outcomes by ethnicity.

Session 2 - Children and young people 
Administrative Data Research UK (ADR UK) has established a Children & Young People research theme with contributions from across the ADR UK partners. Around two million records have been matched to the 2011 Census, producing a significant sample size for analysis. This breakout session will consider the value of the data from different stakeholder perspectives as well as the challenges and opportunities offered by such data. The chair of the session will be joined by users who have submitted research proposals to use the data and will share their experiences of the ADR UK research proposal processes.

Session 3 - Making data research ready 
When shared for research, administrative data has the potential to provide valuable insights into UK society and what does and doesn’t work in public services. But how can we make data research-ready, so that our most pressing questions can be answered, and policy can be based upon the best evidence possible? How can we improve the quality of our data so that government can work in a more joined-up way? This breakout session aims to explore ‘data maturity’, to investigate methods for improving the research potential of the wealth of administrative data that we already hold.

Spaces for each breakout session are limited. To secure a place on your desired breakout session please make your choice at registration on the day. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. 


Overview of the day

Guest Speakers - Guest speakers will offer an insight into dynamic topics affecting the research community, including administrative data, research innovation and research barriers.

Breakout Sessions - Choose from a range of topics and take part in an engaging discussion with colleagues and experts from the research community. 

Research Excellence Award 2019 - Meet the finalists and learn how they used research data to deliver outstanding public benefit. You'll also have the chance to vote for the Peer Award live on the day and find out who will be this year's winners. 

Roundtable - A roundtable session featuring influential data owners, policy makers and data users exploring the governance and evolution of research data use. 

Networking Lunch - Connect with colleagues, policy makers and research funders over lunch and refreshments provided on the day.


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