Ethnic inequalities in the criminal justice system workshop


13.00 - 15.00

As part of the project Ethnic Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System, ADR UK Research Fellow Dr Kitty Lymperopoulou invites you to participate in a workshop to discuss their research. This workshop will discuss the findings and implications of their research on the patterns and drivers of ethnic inequalities in remand and sentencing.

About the project

The project draws on Crown Court and magistrates’ court datasets created through the Data First programme led by the Ministry of Justice. The aim of the project is to provide comprehensive evidence on the extent and drivers of ethnic inequalities in the criminal justice system. It is generating new evidence about the experiences and outcomes of ethnic minority groups in the court system and the relative importance of compositional factors (defendant, case, and court) in explaining ethnic differentials in court outcomes at different stages of the criminal justice system. The project also makes recommendations about ways of effectively addressing ethnic inequalities.

About the workshop

The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for practitioners from statutory and non-statutory organisations and user groups to reflect on research findings on the extent of ethnic disparities, provide additional insights about the drivers of ethnic inequalities (how and why do these patterns emerge?) and help identify effective ways of addressing inequalities (how can we achieve greater equality in criminal justice system outcomes?).

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the research findings (which will be sent prior to the workshop) and implications of the research including:

  • patterns of ethnic disparities at different stages of the criminal justice system
  • the factors underlying disparities in remand and sentencing
  • effective ways of addressing ethnic disparities.

The workshop is open to practitioners working in the criminal justice system. We will provide an agenda to registered participants in due course.

When: Thursday, 26 May 2022

Time: 13.00 - 15.00

Where: Online event

Cost: Free

Registration: Via Eventbrite

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