Public data for public good: Towards a better understanding of children's lives online seminar


The aim is to illustrate and explore the value of meaningful administrative data research as a tool to better understand children's lives, including the health and wellbeing of children known to social services.

The core focus will be exploring how secondary analysis of administrative data collected about these children can help in the understanding of children’s needs and how this can inform and appraise policy and practice at a local and national level.

The programme will include:

  • An introduction to the data.
  • Presentations on ongoing and potential research from across the ADR UK partnership in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • The opportunity to discuss how you think the data should be used, gaps in knowledge and the potential for future comparative work.

When: Thursday 5 November, 13.00-15.00.

Where: Online

Register here to join.

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