The future of data access: A showcase of the Integrated Data Service


The IDS is a government-backed initiative which will create a step change in the way data about our society and economy is made available for vital research and decision making in the UK. The IDS will link data to provide otherwise untapped insight and enable rapid analysis using a growing range of integrated data assets

The introduction of the IDS will represent a change from the way researchers and analysts access data in the ONS Secure Research Service. The ONS is committed to ensuring all users are kept informed of the transition plans and are fully supported through their move from one service to the other, starting with this informative showcase.

You can read more about the planned transition from the ONS Secure Research Service to the IDS in a news item we published last month.

About this event

This showcase will provide an opportunity to learn what the new service has to offer and understand how it will impact your access to data in the future.

The event agenda will include an:

  • introduction to the IDS
  • demonstration of the IDS in action
  • overview of the planned transition from the ONS Secure Research Service to the IDS
  • opportunity to ask questions.  

Book your place now

Register to join the showcase on Tuesday 25 April 2023 to hear all about the IDS and what it will mean for you as a researcher. If you have any questions about this event, please contact:

Learn more about the Integrated Data Service

In a recent episode of 'Statistically Speaking' - the official ONS podcast - host Miles Fletcher was joined by Jason Yaxley, Director of the ONS Integrated Data Programme; Bill South, Deputy Director of the Research Services and Data Access division at ONS; and Dr Becky Arnold, award winning researcher from Keele University, to learn how public data is helping us to tackle complex and cross-cutting issues in society.

Guests also explore the step-change transformation now underway in how public data will be made available to researchers. You can listen to the episode online now or via a podcast app of your choice.

Event details

Date: Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Time: 14.00–16.00

Where: Online event

Cost: Free

Registration: Via Eventbrite.

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