Your future with the Integrated Data Service: An update


The ONS Secure Research Service (SRS) has been providing secure access to de-identified data for almost 20 years and is one of the largest trusted research environments in the UK. Right now, there are currently around 1,500 accredited researchers working on active projects, the outcomes of which inform a diverse range of economic or societal issues.

Building on the success of the SRS, the ONS (acting as the lead delivery partner) is developing the Integrated Data Service (IDS). This key cross-government initiative will create a step change in the way data about our society and economy are made available for vital research and decision making in the UK.

The introduction of the IDS will represent a change from the way researchers and analysts access data currently in the SRS. Therefore, following on from a successful introductory showcase in April 2023 - in which over 500 people joined - this upcoming virtual event will provide the latest updates on the service.

Your future with the Integrated Data Service: An update will take place on Tuesday 27 February at 14:00 to 16:00. This will offer existing users of the SRS a chance to learn the latest updates about the IDS from subject matter experts and provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions.

This event will provide users with:

  • A progress update on the SRS to IDS transition
  • Details on upcoming IDS developments
  • Tailor-made demonstrations of the IDS in action
  • A question and answer session

Please reserve your place by visiting the Eventbrite page for this free, virtual event.

If you would like to contact the SRS & IDS User Engagement team about this event, then please email

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