ADR UK-funded research wins ONS Linked Administrative Data Award

In October, members of our vast and diverse (yet continually growing) research community travelled far and wide to attend the Office for National Statistics (ONS)’s headline research event, Research Capability 2022.

From the stage, National Statistician Professor Sir Ian Diamond addressed more than 160 delegates. Beside Sir Ian sat five researchers – the winners of the ONS Research Excellence Awards 2022.

Each year, the ONS recognises the excellent and innovative analyses carried out using ONS-owned or managed data. Submissions are extensive and diverse, ensuring the independent judging panel have a difficult task on their hands. After weeks of sifting and final deliberations, five exceptional winners were selected and invited to join Sir Ian on stage.

After much anticipation, Sir Ian announced the winner of the ONS Linked Administrative Data Award: Professor Andromachi Tseloni from Nottingham Trent University, and Tom Jackson from the Ministry of Justice, for the project: ‘Data First: Criminal Courts Linked Data’.

About the winning project

This ground-breaking project used newly created datasets as part of the Ministry of Justice’s pioneering programme Data First, which is funded by ADR UK.

The research enabled:

  • the construction of a fuller picture of defendants’ interactions with the criminal courts
  • insight into how cases progress through the justice system.
  • first time analysis to demonstrate the extent and nature of repeat court users at scale
  • further identification on the proportion of defendants who reside in the most deprived areas of England and Wales.

Such insights are critical to understanding what works to improve justice user outcomes and developing evidence to support the Ministry of Justice’s priority to reduce reoffending.

In response to receiving the Award, Professor Andromachi Tseloni said: “The ONS Research Excellence Award highlighted the importance of transparent UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)-funded academic and government research collaborations for rigorous independent insights that support both advancements in knowledge and evidenced-based policies that improve lives.”

Learn more about the ONS Linked Administrative Data Award winner.

Other ONS Research Excellence Award winners

The ONS Linked Administrative Data Award was one of five awards presented at Research Capability 2022. Four are deliberated and decided upon by the expert judging panel. The People’s Choice Award is chosen by members of the research community and the public.

ONS Research Excellence Award & People’s Choice Award

Professor Sinead Langan (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) received both the ONS Research Excellence Award and People’s Choice Award – collecting more than 1,100 votes – on behalf of her team.

The winning project is one of the largest and most comprehensive longitudinal research studies undertaken globally. Involving more than 156 schools and 22,585 participants, the Covid-19 Schools Infection Survey (SIS) provided decision makers with timely data about SARS-CoV 2 infection and transmission within and from schools. 

Read more about the winning project.

ONS Cross-government Analysis Award

Dr Becky Arnold (University of Keele and UK Health Security Agency) accepted the ONS Cross-government Analysis Award on behalf of her team.

This research sought to establish the most effective Covid-19 testing strategy to use, from both health and economic standpoints. This analysis is particularly important for vulnerable settings such as care homes, schools, hospitals, and prisons.

Read more about the winning project.

ONS Early Career Research Award

Dr Nicolas Libuy (University College London) accepted the ONS Early Career Research Award on behalf of his team.

This research established the connection between school achievement for children and adolescents with underlying chronic conditions, and between education outcomes and subsequent use of hospital services. The project used data from ECHILD (Education and Child Health Insights from Linked Data), which is funded by ADR UK.

Read more about the winning project.

Looking ahead

These researchers are using secure research data for the public good. The ONS Research Excellence Award winners have showcased the importance of data access.

Next year, the ONS will host the winners, alongside other researchers involved in innovative research projects, to deliver a series of online presentations: the Research Excellence Series. These events are open to everyone, and we hope that you will come along. To hear more about the series as it's announced, follow @ONSfocus on Twitter and sign up to the ADR UK Newsletter.

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