ADR UK 2023 PhD studentships cohort begin their projects

This £1.9 million investment by ADR UK supports the ADR UK Training and Capacity Building Strategy (2021-2026), which aims to increase the number of researchers trained to analyse complex linked administrative datasets. It also complements existing ESRC-funded programmes to grow awareness of and opportunities for using administrative data across the life course of researchers.  

PhD noticeboard: A new addition to the Learning Hub 

Check out our new noticeboard for PhD students, hosted on the ADR UK Learning Hub. This noticeboard is intended for any PhD students using ADR UK flagship datasets, and includes information on upcoming events, training resources, and relevant placement opportunities.  

The ADR UK PhD studentships cohort will be supported by ADR UK to ensure they can make the most of their studies, including facilitating networking opportunities between students and supervisors. The PhD noticeboard also includes content exclusive to this cohort, flagged with an icon, and will be regularly updated with new information and features. 

Student project page now available 

To learn more about the ADR UK PhD studentships cohort, visit their project page. This includes students’ names, institutions, and primary supervisors. It also lists project titles, themes, and the administrative datasets that each student is planning to use. We will add more information about these projects over the course of the studentships.   

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