ADR Wales Covid-19 response: Shielding teachers and teaching assistants

The analysis carried out by the Administrative Data Research Unit (part of ADR Wales) used linked anonymised data to estimate the number and percentage of teachers and teaching assistants shielding in Wales by linking together the Shielded Patient List (SPL) with the School Workforce Annual Census (SWAC)

The analysis provides an estimate of the number of teachers and teaching assistants on the Shielded Patient List by: Local Authority; medium (English/Welsh); school phase (primary schools, middle and secondary schools), while also providing an estimated percentage from each Local Authority.  

This analysis is one of several projects focusing on the shielded list carried out by ADR Wales during the pandemic, with further findings expected to be published in the coming weeks. 

This work was carried out in response to the request to help inform the analysis and subsequent thinking around the re-opening of schools in Wales. Findings from this work have directly informed the One Wales response to Covid-19 which regularly feeds into Wales Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and UK SAGE updates. 

For full details of the publication visit the Welsh Government website.

Browse our project pages for more information about the ADR Wales Covid-19 response.

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