ADRC NI Research Fellow Dr Neil Rowland has been named regional Clean Air Champion for Northern Ireland

The four new regional champions (in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Midlands to north of England) will join the existing national Clean Air Champions in working to improve air quality across the UK by supporting the UKRI’s Clean Air Programme. Working together to increase collaboration and impact, each champion will use their expertise to develop practical solutions to today’s air quality issues. They will also engage policymakers and the public in tackling the challenges of poor air quality and its impacts.

Dr Rowland is part of ADRC NI’s Environmental Health Research Group, which uses linked administrative datasets to understand the impact of exposure to air pollution on health outcomes across the life-course.

Speaking as his appointment was announced yesterday, Dr Rowland said “I’m delighted to begin work as the first regional Clean Air Champion for Northern Ireland. Alongside my colleagues throughout the UK, I will focus on bringing the power of data to address the UK and Northern Ireland’s most pressing air quality challenges.”

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