Are farming households different to other rural households in Wales? A view from the AD|ARC project

Painting a picture of farming households

The project team’s most recent work is just scratching the surface of what’s possible with the UK data brought together by the AD|ARC project, and there are many people who are keen to see the insights the next set of analyses can provide.

AD|ARC has recently published a Data Insight that focuses on the structure of farming households in Wales and how these compare to other, non-farming rural households. The analysis presents a picture of the characteristics of farm households in Wales and how they compare to non-farming households and the result was clear: farm households have some distinctive features.

Comparing rural households where at least one member was receiving a farming subsidy with those where no one was, the average age and gender split were similar, but several significant differences emerged.

In brief, AD|ARC found that farming households were on average about 25% larger and were more likely to be multi-generational when compared with non-farming rural households. Single occupant farming households were predominantly male (the opposite applied for non-farming households), and a higher proportion of farming couples were in civil partnerships or married when compared with couples in non-farming rural households.

Read more about how these findings can help inform policy in the full blog on the AD|ARC website.

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