DARE UK public dialogue findings published

Category: Public engagement

6 May 2022

Earlier this year DARE UK conducted a series of workshops with members of the public across the UK to explore views toward data research practices and what improvements might be needed to increase public confidence. The crucial role of data access in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic has made this conversation more important than ever.

Participants had low initial awareness of how sensitive data is used in research but showed widespread support for data research. They were also reassured by processes currently in place to protect their data.

The workshop attendees wanted all types of researchers to have access to their data – when the research benefits the public. They also felt that data owners and researchers need to proactively reach out and tell the public about what is being done with their data to increase trustworthiness.

The DARE UK programme will use these findings and recommendations to fulfil their mission to design and deliver a more joined-up, efficient, and trustworthy national data research infrastructure.

Read the full report on the DARE UK website.

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