Earnings and Employees Study (EES) 2011 dataset available within for research in the public interest

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3 November 2021

This dataset links together data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) 2011 with data from the Census of Population and Housing 2011, and Capital Value data from the Land and Property Services.

ASHE is comprised of about 1% of all employees in Northern Ireland who were covered by Pay As You Earn (PAYE) schemes, which results in the EES containing 5,770 distinct ASHE records. ASHE includes data on hourly, weekly and annual earnings by gender, work patterns, industry and occupation, including public versus private sector pay comparisons. This has been linked to the Census of Population and Housing which collects information every 10 years about people and households in Northern Ireland.

Research interest

It is hoped that research involving the EES data will help to inform an evidence-base for public policy. Specifically, it has the potential to identify what factors influence differences in the median pay for specific groups in society who are acknowledged as being disadvantaged in terms of the labour market. This could include differences in pay related to gender, religion, disability and migration status. Other areas that may impact on pay and are of interest to policy include: occupation analysis; public versus private jobs; graduates in the workplace; and geographic factors both in terms of place of work and area of residence.

How to access the EES dataset

Access to the EES dataset is limited to researchers and research teams with accredited researcher status under the Digital Economy Act (DEA) and subject to approval by each of the data providers and the UK Statistics Authority Research Accreditation Panel.

In the first instance, researchers should submit a one-page proposal to the Research Support Unit summarising the main aim and objectives of the proposed project as well as the methodological approach that they are intending to use. Proposals will be considered in consultation with the data providers to determine the feasibility of the project prior to a full application being made by the researcher(s). Further information on how to apply for approval is available from the NISRA website. Or get in touch with the Research Support Unit rsu@nisra.gov.uk.


For more information about the dataset visit the Administrative Data Research Northern Ireland (ADRNI) themed datasets section of the NISRA website.

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