Funding opportunity coming soon: ADR UK Research Fellowships using ADR England flagship data

Applications must make use of ADR England flagship linked datasets, held in the Office for National Statistics Secure Research Service or other ADR UK trusted research environments. These datasets are detailed in the ADR England flagship dataset brochure, which will be updated when the funding call opens for applications on Wednesday 5 July 2023. 

We anticipate that the following datasets will be made newly available for public good research, and added to the brochure, in time for the funding opportunity opening: 

In this round of funding, we plan to ringfence funding for one fellowship each for ECHILD, AD | ARC, and the Data First: cross-justice system linked dataset. 

In addition, we anticipate that the following updates will be made to existing ADR England flagship datasets: 

These anticipated updates are subject to agreements and documentation being finalised, and may change.  

Other datasets in the brochure include Growing Up in England, the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings – 2011 Census linked dataset, Grading and Admissions Data for England, and multiple datasets made available through the Ministry of Justice Data First programme.  

Register for an applicant webinar 

To find out more about the opportunity, the application process and the eligible datasets, sign up for an applicant webinar. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions. You should use the links below to register for the webinar(s) relevant to the dataset(s) you are interested in.  

There is a webinar for each of the datasets with ringfenced funding for this round: 

There will also be a webinar for the following datasets, which will have been updated when the funding opportunity launches: 

Find out more  

Individual researchers from eligible research organisations will be able to apply to this funding opportunity, in line with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)’s standard eligibility criteria. Find out more in the ESRC research funding guide.  

Early career researchers may apply and must have a mentor. For support in finding a suitable mentor, read about our pilot mentoring programme for this opportunity

Full details will be available when the funding opportunity opens for applications in July 2023. In the meantime, find out more on the UK Research and Innovation Funding Finder

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