ADR Wales researchers find gender pay and career progression gaps in the teaching workforce in Wales

Researchers analysed the 2019 and 2020 School Workforce Annual Census (SWAC), finding that 77% of the qualified teacher workforce was female, however: 

  • 15% of male teachers held senior leadership roles compared to 9% of female teachers
  • 16% of male teachers held mid-level leadership roles compared to 11% of female teachers
  • 9% of female teachers held coordination roles compared to 5% of male teachers.

Average weekly earnings between male and female teachers at different career stages were found including:

  • Male classroom teachers 0-2 years post teaching qualification earned, on average, £8 more per week than female teachers, rising to £60 more per week at 20+ years of experience
  • For senior leadership, male staff 6-8 years post teaching qualification earned £56 more per week than their female peers, rising to £137 more per week at 20+ years of experience.

Further analysis found that male teachers were more than twice as likely as female teachers to be in a senior leadership position. Female qualified teachers earned 1.6% more in weekly pay than male teachers however, female teachers in senior management positions earned approximately 6% less in average weekly pay than their male counterparts after controlling for other school and individual factors.

This story was originally published on the ADR Wales website. You can read the Data Insight for more information on the research.



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