Share your ideas and findings at the ADR UK Conference 2023

Our world is full of uncertainty and is constantly changing. Evidence-based decision making is vital to improve policy and practice and address today’s challenges. The ADR UK Conference 2023 is an opportunity to share your research on public data for resilience and inclusion. The conference will bring people together to explore how we’re using administrative data to inform policy and practice in challenging times.

Calling all UK researchers, data scientists and civil service analysts and those working with administrative data– come join us at this year’s scientific conference.

The ADR UK Conference 2023 is this year in partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS). You can now submit abstracts and pre-conference workshop applications in the following research fields:

  • Research to support renewal, recovery and resilience
  • Data linkage, methods, systems and technology: methodological developments
  • Ethics, law and social implications
  • Public engagement and involvement in population data research.

If you’d like to share your projects and present your ideas and findings to your peers and the wider research community, we want to hear from you. Abstract and workshop submissions are open to anyone involved in the use of administrative data for public good research including researchers, data scientists, civil service analysts and those involved in safely making this data available for research.

This is your opportunity showcase your work at this year’s scientific conference, to 400 delegates in Birmingham on 14-16 November 2023. Submit your abstract or pre-conference workshop application by 17 April 2023 to have a chance to be involved.

Why join us at this year’s conference?

Let’s take this opportunity to share our passion for impact and change. At the ADR UK Conference 2023, you will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with 400 like-minded delegates in-person, sharing your research and methodologies. You will also hear from high-profile population data experts and have a chance to explore developments in data linkage systems; consider the ethical, legal, and social aspects of population data science; and learn how we embed public engagement.

Dr Emma Gordon, Director of ADR UK said: "Since 2018, ADR UK has worked with data owners across the UK to safely and securely open up access to administrative data for research. Five years on, this conference is an opportunity to come together to showcase the incredible insights now being generated, so we can continue to build this research community.”

How can I be part of the ADR UK Conference 2023?

Only around 200 abstracts will be selected by our scientific committee to present across the different formats during the conference, so make sure yours is one of them.

Successful abstracts will also be published in the renowned International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS), which publishes articles from around the world to highlight how the field of population data science is impacting societies globally.

Find out all you need to know from the conference website, which includes abstract and pre-conference workshop information and our submission guidelines. You can contact the conference team at

Is this the right conference for me?

We believe you will leave this year’s conference with a wealth of knowledge and feedback, having achieved greater exposure for your work. You will have the opportunity to forge new connections, build on your research and enrich your career. Let’s learn together how administrative data research can help inform and shape policy during these uncertain and challenging times.

Bill South, Deputy Director for Research Service and Data Access at the ONS, said: “There is huge value in administrative data research to inform and shape policy, especially during challenging times for the economy, society and the environment. This conference provides an opportunity for all those involved in the process to come together to better understand its potential to improve resilience and inclusion.”

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