Would you like to help shape the Integrated Data Programme?

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Written by Gesche Schmid and Tom Knight 16 December 2020

A five year programme, currently in its alpha phase, IDP will be delivering an Integrated Data Service which will be:

  • A cloud-based Platform to provide a collaborative and secure environment to discover, ingest, access, analyse and disseminate data.
  • Updated set of Policies to simplify and maximise access while balancing legal, security, data protection and ethics, and wider obligations. 
  • Data that is enriched, ready for use through improved methodology and automation driven by standards and best practice. 
  • The Service will enable accredited analysts and researchers from government, wider public services and research organisations to produce faster and deeper analytical outputs for the public good. 

We - Gesche Schmid, Integrated Data Programme Director, and Tom Knight, Deputy Director for Analysis - want to hear your views and experiences from working on current and past cross-government analytical projects that inform all aspects of the programme, from processes, technology and tools, to data sharing. Some key areas of interest are:

  • What are the processes you currently follow for cross government data analysis and collaboration?
  • Have you experienced blocks or barriers related to collaborative analysis and/or the business processes used for acquiring, linking and analysing data?
  • What opportunities would you recommend to improve the way you currently work?

If you and your respective communities would like take part in our user-research or are interested in learning more about the programme and how to get involved please get in touch via IDP.User.Research@ons.gov.uk.

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