ADR UK Conference 2023: Poster presentations

On Wednesday 15 November, the celebratory evening reception showcased a range of poster presentations. To find out more about the topics that were discussed, explore some of the posters from the evening below.  

You can also read all the abstracts from the conference oral presentations and the keynote speakers on the International Journal of Population Data Science website

Poster presentations

Data at your fingertips: Promoting collaboration and efficient decision-making in the UK through the Integrated Data Service (IDS) 

The Integrated Data Service (IDS) is a cross-government initiative, designed to transform the way de-identified data is made available for vital research and decision-making about our society and economy.  

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James Hartley-Binns – Office for National Statistics 

To what extent are the mental health needs of children and young people (aged 11-18) in care being supported? 

The objective of this PhD is to provide updated, comprehensive data regarding the prevalence of mental health disorders within the population of care-experienced young people (aged 11-18) in Wales using routinely collected population-level administrative data. 

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Aimee Cummings – Cardiff University 

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Employment Data Lab

The DWP Employment Data Lab aims to improve the evidence base around what works in helping people into employment. 

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Luke Barclay and Mike Daly – DWP  

Community resilience and inclusion in the 2021 Census for England and Wales: A geodemographic cluster analysis 

The objective of this project is to enhance and update our understanding of community resilience and inclusion with the England and Wales 2021 Census and open environmental datasets, such as greenspace access, using established geodemographic methods.  

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Rebecca Pedrick-Case, Amy Mizen, Jane Lyons, Rowena Bailey, Ronan Lyons, Richard Fry – Swansea University 

The DARE UK Federated Architecture 

The Data and Analytics Research Environments UK programme (DARE UK) will create a secure network of trusted research environments (TREs) within a common best practice framework to facilitate efficient access to sensitive data for public-benefit research. 

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Rob Baxter, Michelle Amugi, Hans-Erik Aronson, Westley Igbo, Fergus McDonald – DARE UK 

Identifying the golden threads for demonstrating impact 

Data owners and services often grapple with how best to demonstrate impact from use of the data assets they own, manage or provide access to. This work sets out new classifications for outputs and outcomes the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has designed in collaboration with the secure data research community.  

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Louise Corti, Abbie Bevan, Ellie McMillan – ONS 

Investigating the risk of drug-related death and suicide in prison custody in England and Wales: 2008 to 2019

The purpose of this analysis was to determine the risk in prisoners of dying by preventable means such as by suicide or by drug poisoning. By conducting this analysis, the team aimed to highlight areas of policy on which efforts should be focused to prevent deaths in the prison population. 

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Lauren Revie and David Mais - ONS 

Immunisation status of children receiving care and support in Wales: A national data linkage study 

In the UK, a robust childhood immunisation programme ensures children are offered protection against serious infections. This data linkage study examined primary, as well as pre-school booster and second dose of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines, in children receiving support from social care services across Wales. 

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  • Grace Bailey, Alexandra Lee and Lucy Griffiths– Swansea University Medical School 
  • Helen Bedford and Suzanne Walton– UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health 
  • Malorie Perry – Public Health Wales 
  • Sally Holland – Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre 

Ethnicity in Administrative Data: Learnings from Focus Groups with Young Migrants 

Administrative data holds great potential for generating evidence for policy to support migrants, but it is difficult to capture ethnicity in a meaningful way in administrative data. This project aimed to explore how migrant groups understand representations of ethnicity, and explore alternative ways for researchers to make sense of their data. 

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  • Joseph Lam, Ruth Blackburn, Katie Harron – UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health 
  • Robert Aldridge – UCL Institute of Health Informatics 

Developmental concerns of preschool children in out-of-home care: A cross-sectional study using population-level child health review data 

Healthy development ensures all children grow up having their emotional, social, and educational needs met. Children in out-of-home care (OOHC) often require additional support to achieve healthy development. 

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  • Daniel Bradford, Mirjam Allik and Denise Brown – Medical Research Council/Chief Scientist Office Public Health Unit, University of Glasgow 
  • Alex McMahon – University of Glasgow 

Sociodemographic variation in prescriptions dispensed in early pregnancy in Northern Ireland 2010–2016 

The objective of this project is to establish the prevalence of prescriptions dispensed in early pregnancy by maternal age and area deprivation, for women who gave birth in Northern Ireland from 2011–2016. 

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Maria Loane, Joanne Given, Karen Casson and Helen Dolk – Ulster University 

Risk factors associated with primary care reported domestic violence for women involved in Family Law care proceedings: Data linkage observational study 

There is a lack of evidence regarding risk factors for Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) among those involved in the family justice system.  This study examined risk factors for DVA within a cohort of mothers involved in public law family court proceedings in Wales, and a matched comparison group. 

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  • Rhodri D Johnson, Lucy J Griffiths, Laura Cowley and Rowena Bailey – Swansea University Medical School 
  • Karen Broadhurst – Centre for Child & Family Justice Research 

Long-term aircraft noise and cardiovascular disease hospitalisation and mortality near major airports in the United Kingdom, 2006-2015 

This project quantified associations between annual average aircraft noise and cardiovascular disease hospitalisation and mortality, in a population of 3.1 million living near four major English airports in 2006-2015. 

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  • Glory Atilola, Garyfallos Konstantinoudis, Paul Elliott, Marta Blangiardo and Anna Hansell – Imperial College London 
  • Calvin Jephcote, Kathryn Adams and John Gulliver – University of Leicester 

QUAIL: Quality Analyser for Interpreting Linkage 

Metrics are required to understand the quality of a linked product.  This poster presents a Quality Analyser for Interpreting Linkage (QUAIL) to automate the input of data and estimation of quality metrics.   

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Leah Maizey and Sarah Collyer - ONS 

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