What is the impact of our work?

“Impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy.”


This includes, for example, informing changes in government policy and public service practice that lead to better social and economic outcomes for people and communities.

This impact can be at any geographic level, from the local, to the national and international.

What types of impact does ADR UK aim to have?

We seek to maximise value from administrative data access, linking, and research across the ‘Five Ps’:

  • Process: championing a lasting culture change towards closer working between academics and government to routinely share, link and use administrative data for research.
  • Policy: influencing government or other public bodies to inform policies, strategies and standards, through understanding and insight gained from our research.
  • Practice: influencing public sector and other professionals to change or maintain the way they deliver public services, informed by an understanding of ‘what works’ provided by our research.
  • People: the tangible, real world improvements to the outcomes and quality of life of individuals and communities that may stem from the changes to policy and practice our research stimulates.
  • Potential: our work creates both sustainable linked administrative datasets, and sustainable understanding of the data and what it can tell us. These can be accessed by other researchers in future, enabling them to create further impact on policy, practice and people.

The 'ADR UK and Impact' paper contains a fuller description of how we define, categorise and maximise our impact.

Impact case studies

Explore the impact of ADR UK and other administrative data research conducted by our partners in the case studies below.

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