Our public engagement activities

These activities are:

Individual researchers or research teams may conduct additional public engagement specific to their projects. For example, ‘The personal cost of health conditions in childhood’ project team conduct public and patient workshops to help guide their work. You can find out more about project-specific public engagement on the individual project pages.

Public panels

Public panels are a growing element of ADR UK’s public engagement work, providing a platform for members of the public to offer valuable feedback about our work.

The SAIL Consumer Panel for Data Linkage Research was established in 2011 and acts as a public voice in ADR Wales' work, providing input on governance systems, public engagement plans and research practices.

ADR Scotland’s Public Panel, set up in 2019 and maintained by the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR), ensures members of the public are consulted on and involved in the administrative data research undertaken by ADR Scotland.

Public panels for England and Northern Ireland are currently in scope for consultation and advice on specific areas of ADR England and ADR Northern Ireland research.

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Working with the third sector

Engaging with charities, voluntary groups and other third sector organisations allows ADR UK to understand the research needs of specific communities and sub-sectors of society. It also empowers these groups by offering the opportunity to influence the direction and outcome of research.

ADR Northern Ireland holds a Data Workshop Series around themes of interest to both researchers and local organisations. These focus on raising awareness among third sector groups about the power and potential of data in their own work and how complex questions can be answered using data, as well as embedding positive working relationships with the third sector. Furthermore, by bringing key stakeholders onto steering committees for each of its projects, ADR NI maximises engagement with people and organisations with differing expertise and knowledge of the issues researchers are exploring.

ADR Scotland conducts project-specific dialogue involving engagement with third sector organisations able to speak on behalf of the publics and communities relevant to each of ADR Scotland’s projects. Meanwhile, ADR Wales holds stakeholder workshops with devolved and local government and third sector organisations to get feedback on work already done and gain input on future work.

ADR England oversees community representative panels made up of third sector representatives, practitioners and others working directly with or on behalf of particular groups. For example, the Data First User Representation Panel is made up of representatives from organisations that work directly with or on behalf of people with experience of the justice systems, whilst the ADR England Children & Young People Representative Panel is made up of people working directly with or on behalf of children. These panels help shape administrative data research to deliver the greatest possible benefits for the public.

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