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ADR UK is working to link data from across areas of government to provide new insights into the factors affecting the fabric of our communities and housing dynamics. ADR Wales, for example, has explicitly identified housing as a key focus and the bedrock of living well, underscoring that good quality, affordable homes bring a wide range of benefits to health, learning and prosperity. It is therefore working to link Welsh data that will enable new insights into homelessness and its connection to health and education outcomes.

ADR Scotland is supporting Scottish Government priorities around promoting safer communities and contributing to a public health approach to reducing violence. Research work in Scotland in this area is focused on using administrative data to identify factors and processes that can contribute to greater safety, security and wellbeing across Scottish communities.

This includes a programme of research that will examine patterns of demand for and response from emergency services and health and justice organisations across the country. Researchers are using linked administrative data to better understand the connections between service demand and aspects of distress or vulnerability, including alcohol, drugs and mental health conditions.

The newly linked data will allow the generation of evidence to respond to several areas of policy, including mental health and wellbeing, crime prevention, resilience and equality, and the Scottish Government’s Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan.

Furthermore, ADR Northern Ireland (ADR NI) is working on a number of projects aimed at improving policies relating to housing and communities within Northern Ireland. For example, by linking data relating to families, healthcare, environment and education, neighbourhood and community determinants of social distress as indicated by contact with emergency hospital services can be explored. In addition, linking data relating to family, socioeconomic status and housing will allow researchers to identify factors contributing to poor youth mental health and achievement. Northern Ireland currently lacks a comprehensive understanding of how socioeconomic status and familial factors impact the mental and physical wellbeing of its youth population; ADR NI’s work hopes to bridge this gap in understanding.

More in-depth information about the research projects being undertaken so far within this theme can be explored below.

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