ADR Wales themed projects: Early Years

Status: Active

Working alongside colleagues from child-focused research programmes including the HAPPEN (Health and Attainment of Pupils in a Primary Education) primary school network, Born in Wales, Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and the Schools for Health in Europe Foundation (SHE), our work looks at adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). The team aims to inform policy and practice that can best support young people at risk of poor outcomes. Our Early Years portfolio includes:

  • the analysis of the outcomes for children born of low birth weight or preterm
  • low school readiness
  • the impact of ACEs including domestic violence, living with someone with mental health or substance abuse problems
  • outcomes for children taken into care.

Work is also underway to assess whether initiatives and services such as the Welsh Government’s flagship Flying Start programme and other initiatives around childcare funding and services for looked after children are increasing the opportunities for young children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The academic lead for the ADR Wales Early Years programme is Professor Sinead Brophy.

Read more about the projects:

Early years support for children at risk of poor outcomes

This project will investigate what works to support children at risk of poor outcomes, such as those experiencing domestic violence, adverse childhood conditions or children who are looked after or under child protection measures, with a view to supporting these children during their early years.

Childhood inequalities

This project will look at interventions that aim to reduce inequalities among children such as Free School Meals, access to childcare, the built environment and maternal employment. It will explore how they impact the child, with a view to supporting children during their early years.

The role of nurseries and networks to support high risk families

This project will work with families, health visitors and nurseries to develop and test interventions to improve outcomes for high-risk children (e.g. those in deprived households; those with low family resources, for example due to maternal depression), with the aim of developing and testing interventions for young families.

Supporting expectant parents

This project will look at the support provided to expectant parents and related pregnancy outcomes.

Improving mental health in single parent families

Through child lead change, this project aims to develop interventions to improve mental health wellbeing among young people living in single parent households.

Categories: Research using linked data, ADR Wales, YDG Cymru, Children & young people, Inequality & social inclusion

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