ADR Wales themed projects: Education

Status: Active

The ADR Wales programme for work in this area is supported by the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD) Education Data Lab. This was established in March 2019 to deliver independent analysis of administrative education data to inform national debate on some of the most contemporary and pressing educational issues facing Wales.

With a particular focus on mainstream, compulsory education, the ADR Wales Education programme provides policymakers with the insights to make best placed decisions that support the education sector in Wales and the young people that it serves.

The academic lead for the ADR Wales Education programme is Professor Chris Taylor.

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Gender differences in teacher pay and progression

This project will examine whether there are differences in the proportion of male and female teachers who hold leadership positions in schools. It will consider the pay and levels of experience of the teachers who have progressed into leadership roles by gender. It will also test whether differences by gender are consistent across school types.

Welsh language skills and usage of teaching and support staff

This project will investigate Welsh language skills and usage amongst classroom teachers and those providing learning support. It will consider how these rates differ by region and local authority.

Associations between pupil attainment and household characteristics

This project will look at how children’s attainment in school is associated with household characteristics such as household size, household composition and household socio-economic measures.

Categories: Research using linked data, ADR Wales, YDG Cymru, Children & young people, Inequality & social inclusion

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