ADR Wales themed projects: Health and Wellbeing

Status: Active

Led by Professor Ronan Lyons OBE and Associate Professors Richard Fry and Lucy Griffiths, this programme of work will provide insights into the role socio-environmental factors play in the inequalities that exist across Wales and how these impact on the health and wellbeing of the Welsh population.

The research programme aims to provide a robust policy evaluation of The Well-being of Future Generations Act and The Active Travel Wales Act. In support of the Programme for Government, the research team will generate new evidence for these policy areas through collaboration with key stakeholders Public Health Wales, Natural Resources Wales, and Health Data Research UK.

Looking ahead, research will focus on three core areas:

  • characterisation of Long Covid-19 in the Welsh population and understanding the socio-environmental inequalities which drive it
  • development of models of 24-hour exposures at home, to and from work, and in work, for a range of environmental factors in collaboration with ADR Scotland
  • evaluation of the impacts of the built and natural environment on the health and wellbeing of the Welsh population.

Read more about the projects:

Workplace data linkage

This project aims to create a method to link an individual to their workplace as a pilot study to prove the concept of the method. The research team aim to include, for instance, individuals from the teaching workforce in Wales. Environmental data such as pollution levels at home and at work will be included, as well as the potential for active travel through commuting distances.

General health and wellbeing for groups across Wales

This project will investigate the health and wellbeing of groups to illustrate difficulties and raise awareness for certain groups.

Individual wellbeing measures using routine data

This project will look at harnessing routinely collected data to measure individual wellbeing. The project will include data relating to the individual, the home environment and area to try to understand and measure wellbeing.

Home environment wellbeing

This project will investigate how we can harness routinely collected data to understand the impact of the home environment on an individual’s health and wellbeing, and if this approach can be used to improve wider population-level research.

Categories: Research using linked data, ADR Wales, YDG Cymru, Health & wellbeing

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