ADR Wales themed projects: Social Care

Status: Active

The team will support social care stakeholders, including local authorities, third sector organisations and care providers in the independent sector, to identify and refine their own research priorities. They will also lead a national research priority setting exercise on linked data research in adult social care.

The team will engage with data owners and data collectors, such as local authorities and care providers in the independent sector, with a focus on acquiring de-identified adult social care data for research. The team will continue to support the development of the adult social care census to ensure that it can be made securely available for linked data analysis after it has been collected. 

Although adult social care will be the main focus of this work programme, the team will continue to facilitate the supply of updated children’s social care data and promote linked data research in social care.

Categories: Research using linked data, ADR Wales, YDG Cymru, Health & wellbeing, Housing & communities

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