ADR Wales themed projects: Social Justice

Status: Active

The research areas for this theme are:

  1. Research into the current descriptions and characteristics of the population of Wales 
  2. Research into the interrelation and inequalities between socio-economic, ethnic and marginalised groups and health outcomes 
  3. Research into major societal challenges in Wales and the impact on vulnerable and marginalised individuals 
  4. Using data to evaluate, inform and refine interventions and care to tackle health inequity 
  5. Using data to inform and refine accessibility and equity to services and opportunities
  6. Surveillance of violence against minority ethnic groups, people from the LGBTQIA+ community, women and individuals at risk of poor outcomes.

Read more about the projects:

Inequalities in career progression

This project will look at workers in Wales, with the aim of identifying if it is possible to measure equity within progression pathways, particularly by ethnic groups.

Health service utilisation in Wales

This project aims to create a desirable health service utilisation indicator, to characterise the distribution of the population who do not use the health service as a measure of health resilience. The project will look at what proportion of the population of Wales meet the indicator criteria and how this varies with deprivation and protected characteristic groups.

Instances of assaults presenting to health services among minority groups in Wales

This project will utilise health, demographic and survey data to investigate if people from minority ethnic groups, disabled people, LGBTQIA+ people, women and non-binary groups experience higher rates of assaults than other people in the population.

Deprivation and chronic diseases

This project seeks to compare trajectories of chronic diseases by area-level deprivation for the population of Wales. Researchers will seek to find out if individuals living in more deprived areas accrue diseases at a faster rate than individuals living in the least deprived areas.

Population inequalities in Wales

Using existing and new health, demographic and administrative data, this project aims to create foundations from which future research on the characteristics of the Welsh population can be based. This work will help researchers to profile and categorise the population for future inequalities research.

Categories: Research using linked data, ADR Wales, YDG Cymru, Crime & justice, Health & wellbeing, Housing & communities, Inequality & social inclusion, World of work

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