Early alcohol use in adolescence: A record linked, data-driven, predictive analytical longitudinal study

Status: Closed

Teenage drinking is associated with long-term social and health problems. This study aims to examine the predictors of early alcohol use using Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) data and hospital data to understand if accurate predictions can be made about children who end up in hospital with an alcohol related problem.

Key questions

  • How influential are household characteristics, childhood and adolescent mental health conditions in early alcohol use?
  • Is a child's physical health a risk factor in early alcohol use in adolescents? 

Project leads

Amrita Bandyopadhyay and Professor Sinead Brophy, Swansea University (ADR Wales).

This project is funded by ADR Wales via its core grant from the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) as an ADR UK partner.

Categories: Research using linked data, ADR Wales, Children & young people, Health & wellbeing

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