Growing Up in England: Linking Census and education data for children

ONS has brought together 2011 Census data with attainment data from the Department for Education (DfE) to create an anonymised longitudinal dataset on children.

The dataset

This project links two key data sources:

  • Attainment data from the All Education Dataset for England (AEDE) – a longitudinally linked cohort dataset designed by DfE in collaboration with ONS Admin Data Census, which includes KS4 and KS5 qualifications.
  • 2011 Census data – around two million records have been matched, producing a significant sample size for analysis.

What is the potential of this newly linked data?

This anonymised dataset allows children to be connected to their households, enabling more accurate measurement of how family background, school type and geography shape children’s educational outcomes and social mobility. Analysis of this data is already being taken forward by the Centre for Equalities and Inclusion at ONS.

In addition, ADR UK is working closely with the Children’s Commissioner for England as part of the Commissioner’s broader Data for Children Partnership. The Partnership is an initiative to bring together agencies and institutions working with children and/or children’s data or representing children and those who work with them to improve the use and impact of data about children, in the interests of children. This includes a substantial strand of work using the newly-linked dataset, seeking to improve measurement of the experiences, welfare and wellbeing of children.

The Growing Up in England dataset will soon be available to external researchers via the ONS Secure Research Service. Researchers will need to be accredited and submit a successful application to access the data. Check back here for more information coming soon.

This project is being funded from ONS’s core foundational grant as part of the ADR UK partnership, under their remit to acquire and link data to enable research for public good.

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