The All Years Dataset: Linking children’s health and education data for England

The project – a partnership between ADR UK partner the Office for National Statistics (ONS), University College London (UCL), NHS Digital and the Department for Education (DfE) – includes the records of around 16 million children; the ‘All Years Dataset’. 

The dataset 

This project will link two key data sources: 

  • The National Pupil Database (NPD) – which holds a wide range of information about students who attend schools and colleges in England.

  • Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) – which includes information on hospital admissions, A&E attendances and outpatient appointments in NHS hospitals in England. 

What is the potential of this newly linked data?

The data linkage will facilitate future research across a range of health and social science disciplines and will support research to improve policymaking for children’s health, education and wellbeing. Strategic research, based on an existing linked education-HES dataset of two million children, will validate linkage and other aspects of data quality, generate policy-relevant exemplar research and metadata for wider use of the All Years Dataset, and support public involvement.

Key questions this newly linked dataset could help to address include: 

  • How can linked data improve health and education for children with chronic conditions in England? 

  • How can we better understand the health-related drivers of educational outcomes in England? 

  • How can we better evaluate interventions across health and education to improve equity of service provision in England?

The All Years Dataset will be made available to external researchers via the ONS Secure Research Service down the line. Researchers will need to be approved and submit a successful application to access the data. Check back here for more information coming soon.

This project is funded via the ADR UK Strategic Hub Fund, a dedicated fund for commissioning research using newly linked administrative data, in consultation with the Research Commissioning Board (RCB).

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