Growing old

Within this research theme, ADR Northern Ireland is currently drawing from both UK-wide and Northern Ireland-specific administrative datasets to examine the factors influencing retirement, financial wellbeing and health later in life. Linking data relating to access to health services for older people, for example, will provide an opportunity to examine late-life health inequalities related to service use, and could inform health and social care policy and practice regarding early prevention by identifying the most at-risk populations.

ADR Scotland is continuing to develop work on a dataset exploring care in the later stages of life (including end-of-life care in particular), sourcing data from records such as inpatients and day cases, cancer registration, the Prescribing Information System, the Community Health Index (CHI), the 2001 and 2011 Census and the Deaths Register. Currently, ADR Scotland is planning to use this dataset to further explore trends over time and the social factors that influence the availability of informal care at the end of life in Scotland, and the ways in which informal care impacts on the use of formal care.

In addition, ADR Scotland is linking data from a wide variety of sources to explore the relationship between multimorbidity and the type and amount of health and social care required for over 65s. The data being linked includes data from the prescribing information system, the CHI, the Unscheduled Care Data Mart, death records and the social care survey.

These datasets will help us build a more complete understanding of the challenges faced by the UK’s older population to identify ways in which policy can improve quality of life.

More in-depth information about the individual data linkage and research projects being undertaken within this theme can be explored below.

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