The LEO dataset: Key messages from stakeholders (March 2023)

This report records a roundtable discussion between third-sector stakeholders and Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) project partners on the potential and use of the current iteration of the LEO Iteration 1 Standard Extract dataset. It captures the main findings of the discussion with the intention to inform the future use of the dataset, including research priorities, the scope for growth of the dataset, and how to facilitate the voices of the public in shaping the direction of research, and more.

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Areas of research focus identified by stakeholders include accounting for the experiences of individuals missing from key datasets and a greater understanding of the impacts of adverse childhood experiences. These ideas will inform research priorities for the current iteration of the dataset. 

The feedback from this discussion is being carefully considered by LEO partners and will inform the scope of ADR UK funding opportunities related to the LEO dataset.

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