The ADR England Public Insights Panel is a panel made up of a diverse group of 15 members of the general public from across England. They meet online and in the evenings (18:30 - 20:30) every two months to advise on data-driven research and processes.  

Presenters are encouraged to deliver presentations of roughly 10 minutes long. They should communicate in accessible (plain) language and may share light pre-reading or stimulus with the panel in advance of their meeting. An overview of the panel meeting will be shared with presenters up to two weeks after the panel meeting and will also be uploaded onto the ADR UK website.   
Complete the expression of interest form below if you are interested in engaging with the panel.  
The ADR England Public Insights Panel is funded by ADR UK and managed by Basis Social, an Insights Research Agency, with support from the ADR UK Strategic Hub. Questions may be directed to Shayda Kashef, ADR UK Senior Public Engagement Manager: