Crime & Justice

Additionally, an effective justice system plays an integral role in the maintenance of a peaceful, fair and cohesive society. Research within this theme attempts to understand the causes and mechanisms at play within the UK justice system and society, and examines issues such as reoffending, rehabilitation and the far-reaching impact of crime.

Data First: Linking administrative data from across the justice system

One of ADR UK’s flagship programmes of work within this research theme, 'Data First' aims to create linked datasets that will enable crucial research into use of the justice system. ADR UK is working with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to fund methodological work linking administrative data outputs across a broad range of justice services. By linking together data from civil justice, family justice, the Crown Courts and magistrates’ courts, we aim to create a system-wide data inventory, enabling researchers to build a better understanding of users of the criminal, civil and family justice systems. This will provide new insights into the extent to which people facing civil and family problems also interact with the criminal justice system, and will aid MoJ in its understanding of which policies are effective. This project has huge potential to shape our understanding of justice system use and improve services going forward.


More in-depth information about the individual data linkage and research projects being undertaken within this theme can be explored below.

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